Every Friday morning Open Wings is proud to be supporting and working with Music for Everyone to run their Open Voices choir. Every week a group of adults with learning disabilities meet at St Martin’s Church in Sherwood. . Each person attending is a unique individual full of their own astounding qualities and abilities.

From the very first week that the choir began back in September I have seen these unique individuals grow in confidence, in social skills and in their ability to make new friends and be part of a larger group.

An individual who would never smile now carefully spreads her mouth wide shows her teeth and let’s out a little giggle. An individual who uses a wheelchair has no verbal communication but sits next to the piano taking in every single note the wonderful pianist plays, her eyes alight with joy. A unique individual that communicates only through verbal noises volunteering to sing a solo and being so clear when singing Hallelujah! An older man with Aspergers, joining in and singing let’s go fly a kite, arms up in the air and clapping his heart out to Lilly the Pink the pink the pink, and a Spoonful of sugar, as he remembered days gone by. A solo of don’t you want me baby and another of Joseph! Absolutely wonderful to watch the joy on every single participants face.

Twisting and shouting, pointed grease lightening fingers and rowing our boats down the stream singing I dream a dream and flying a kite and finding our way to Amarillo, smiling laughing, dancing and jumping, clapping and hand signing. The mornings can be overwhelming as I observe everything taking place in such a short time. It’s not just the joy of singing which takes place. Friendships forming, communication skills being enhanced confidence and reading and listening skills not to mention a heap of other things which there are no words to describe.

There are so many times during the mornings that I myself become overwhelmed with emotion as I observe the participants. Singing is a joy and every single one of the individuals attending always leaves feeling positive about themselves, confident but what’s more happy to take on anything the rest of the day has to offer them equipped with self belief in their own abilities. They feel exhilarated and powerful, they are part of something exciting, something new, something that will grow and change but their contribution is invaluable. They are part of a team, a family .

You cannot put a price on this opportunity to experience the joy of music and singing and therefore if you haven’t already done so please please take the time to vote for music for everyone’s Aviva Community Trust Project – Sound Waves. Please share this blog on your personal page ask your friends to vote, it takes less than 2 minutes but could change the life of someone with learning disabilities.

If you know any person with a learning disability or difficulty that might benefit from attending the choir please get in touch. The choir is inclusive and manages all levels of difficulties or disabilities. They won’t regret it! Share this blog so that we can spread the word and open up the possibilities and opportunities for adults and young people with learning disabilities. Help us by casting your vote and sharing and spreading the word about the choir.

Here’s the link again go vote now! Please. There’s only a few days left!



Open Wings COVID-19 Safety Policy

    • When offering a physical service, citizens will at all times be aware of the procedures to follow. They will be inducted with all the safety rules at their first session.
    • All sessions will need to be booked in advance


    • There will be no drop in facilities


    • Masks must be worn at all times unless there is exemption


    • Hand sanitisers are provided and must be used regularly and used upon entering and leaving the building.


    • To minimise risk of transmission we are keeping the use of paper, pens, books, etc to a minimum and we are currently using a projector.


    • Within the base room, splatter screens and hand sanitisers have been provided for each allocated space.


  • We are working with a 2m distance rule within the community centre and the Open Wings base room

 If you would like a full copy of our  COVID-19 Safety Policy please contact us.

Local COVID-19 Advice
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