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Welcome to the Open Wings Life and Work skills Centre CIC Blog. Here we always try to post blogs, updates, articles and news revolving around interesting topics hoping to learn something new!


Some Kind of Normal

Firstly, we need to apologise for the lack of any social media use over the last few months. We have been so focussed in settling back into ‘some kind of normal’ we haven’t had much time to focus on social media, but also, we felt that we wanted citizens to settle in...

A whole year after the Pandemic

It is hard to believe that just over a year ago we had to close our physical service at Open Wings which is based within the beautiful Sherwood Community Centre. At the time we had no idea that we would be working from home and that running the service would change...

A Responsible Business

We would like to share our past and present story with you about our Open Wings journey. As with all business ventures right now it is a time of great uncertainty but we remain committed to supporting members who attend Open Wings and beyond. If you know anyone who is...

Happy New Year

It has been some time since we released a blog post. There are various reasons for this, the main one being that we are so busy running our service giving all we possibly can give to our citizens to make sure that they have the support they need from us, that...

Opening up – My hearing loss

Opening up on my hearing loss:- Five years ago, I was diagnosed with quite a severe unexpected hearing loss. It was a shock as I thought I was managing but all my family and friends knew I had a problem. Unfortunately I was the last person to believe it until a...

Updated Website

We are proud to promote to you our up dated website. It now tells a better story of exactly who and what Open Wings is and why it was formed. We hope you like it and if you have any comments that you would like to share about it please feel free to get in touch. ...

Being confident

Our workshop at Rumbletums last week provided us with some ideas about what confidence means to adults with learning disabilities.  Being happy Walking big Using hands to communicate Body language Smiling Having friends Feeling important Looking at people Not...

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Open Wings COVID-19 Safety Policy

    • When offering a physical service, citizens will at all times be aware of the procedures to follow. They will be inducted with all the safety rules at their first session.
    • All sessions will need to be booked in advance


    • There will be no drop in facilities


    • Masks must be worn at all times unless there is exemption


    • Hand sanitisers are provided and must be used regularly and used upon entering and leaving the building.


    • To minimise risk of transmission we are keeping the use of paper, pens, books, etc to a minimum and we are currently using a projector.


    • Within the base room, splatter screens and hand sanitisers have been provided for each allocated space.


  • We are working with a 2m distance rule within the community centre and the Open Wings base room

 If you would like a full copy of our  COVID-19 Safety Policy please contact us.

Local COVID-19 Advice
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