Dreams can come true


Ok so every day I get a little tiny bit closer I also get a little bit more scared. I start hearing all those tiny voices of self doubt inside my head’ can I really do this, have I got enough experience. Do I know enough? What if it doesn’t work. What if I can’t give adults what they need? What if I get no customers because the idea isn’t so good after all?

Well I’ve repeatedly asked myself these questions over the last few weeks as we are nearing the opening of our new centre for Life and work skills centre for adults with learning disabilities within Nottinghamshire, I’m realising that actually all those what ifs really do not matter! The only what if that matters is what if we can make a difference. Sometimes it might not be a massive huge leap of faith difference but just a very small step which is meaningful and relevant to the adults we are supporting.

The other what if is what if we can really help adults to experience new opportunities and in some way make a positive contribution to enriching their lives.

So, we’ve invested our money, time and effort into our business. We want it to succeed. We want it to do exactly what we say in our mission to open up choices opportunities and possibilities but must of all we want it to make a difference even if only in a very small way.

We will keep at it then, even when we can hear those little words behind our head of self doubt screaming what if this and what if that and we will always remember instead the most important what if – what if we can make a difference.