We are proud to promote to you our up dated website. It now tells a better story of exactly who and what Open Wings is and why it was formed. We hope you like it and if you have any comments that you would like to share about it please feel free to get in touch. 
Our service won’t suit everyone but it will fill a need for a more bespoke service which is smaller than most day centre provision. We are not saying that day centre provision is not adequate, in fact the day centres in Nottingham they do some fantastic work, but, we are saying that it’s not always the best place for everyone and we want there to be something a bit more individual out there for those that would not really fit into a day centre service. That’s one of the reasons we established Open Wings. A programme is designed around the individual and the individuals’ needs. 
For example a young person or adult who has Dyslexia and needs a little bit of extra support to help them pass their mainstream college course, an older adult that would find day centre provision too noisy or too busy, and adults who really want to experience the world of work in some way but just need some underpinning skills to help them. 

Our aim is to provide work skills to citizens who wish to do some work experience or even paid work. It’s not impossible. We would help them with interview skills, social and communication skills, confidence building and job skills. Wherever suitable we would establish a correctly matched work experience environment for the individual citizen. 
We intend to work closely with local employers to offer suitable experiences. So if you are an employer reading this and would like to get involved or if you know of an employee who might be interested please share our details with them and ask them to get in touch about our employee forum. 
We would like to be helping more adults with learning disabilities so please share this blog on your social media sites so that people may find out about us.   
We have some exciting plans ahead, including a choir class in conjunction with Music for Everyone. If you know an adult or young person that might enjoy this on a Friday morning that may be interested, again ask them to get in touch. 
That’s all for now, but we will be working harder over the next few months to keep our blog a little more up to date but please do share so that we can reach the citizens we want to help and any comments or suggestions about our work please forward them to us via our contact page at www.openwingsadultlearning.co.uk 

Open Wings COVID-19 Safety Policy

    • When offering a physical service, citizens will at all times be aware of the procedures to follow. They will be inducted with all the safety rules at their first session.
    • All sessions will need to be booked in advance


    • There will be no drop in facilities


    • Masks must be worn at all times unless there is exemption


    • Hand sanitisers are provided and must be used regularly and used upon entering and leaving the building.


    • To minimise risk of transmission we are keeping the use of paper, pens, books, etc to a minimum and we are currently using a projector.


    • Within the base room, splatter screens and hand sanitisers have been provided for each allocated space.


  • We are working with a 2m distance rule within the community centre and the Open Wings base room

 If you would like a full copy of our  COVID-19 Safety Policy please contact us.

Local COVID-19 Advice
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