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{We have so enjoyed working with you and everyone at Open Wings. These sessions really have been the highlight of my week throughout Lockdown, and I will really miss them.
Ella and Siobhan - August 2020
{You have worked so hard to help my son gain work experience to develop his skills for employment. 3 or 4 colleges promised me they would find work experience and as you know, nothing materialised! He has now been offered a job which you have helped him obtain. He will be so made up! Thank you again!
Parent / Carer - June 2020
{‘We are so very grateful to you Anna and Maria for all the work and time you have put into giving purpose and fun during these difficult ‘unsettled times. Your care and support has been amazing, we can't thank you enough’
Parent / Carer - October 2020
{My life has changed since Open Wings. I have learned about money and confidence and I learn something new all the time. I am really happy here.
Christine - June 2018
{Was fantastic @OpenWings you’ve had great praise from all, hope to plan something else in the near future!
{Nice and friendly group. I like the enterprise project it helps me with my learning. Learning is fun.
Anon - December 2019
{It has helped me with my Maths and money. I like coming.
Mark - February 2019
{I was nervous at first but then I got to know Anna and Maria and they are really nice and friendly. I like it at Open Wings.
John - January 2015
{It has been great working with Open Wings to train and support one of the members. That member is now in part time employment with us.
{I really enjoy the small sessions that I have with Open Wings. I learn a lot and I get to choose what I want to learn. It makes me happy. I feel it is amazing!
Abigail - January 2021

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Open Wings COVID-19 Safety Policy

    • When offering a physical service, citizens will at all times be aware of the procedures to follow. They will be inducted with all the safety rules at their first session.
    • All sessions will need to be booked in advance


    • There will be no drop in facilities


    • Masks must be worn at all times unless there is exemption


    • Hand sanitisers are provided and must be used regularly and used upon entering and leaving the building.


    • To minimise risk of transmission we are keeping the use of paper, pens, books, etc to a minimum and we are currently using a projector.


    • Within the base room, splatter screens and hand sanitisers have been provided for each allocated space.


  • We are working with a 2m distance rule within the community centre and the Open Wings base room

 If you would like a full copy of our  COVID-19 Safety Policy please contact us.

Local COVID-19 Advice
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